The First Time Bridesmaid's Guide to Hosting a Hen Party

Throwing a hen party, also known as the bachelorette bash, is a bit nerve-wracking--especially if it's your first time serving as a bridesmaid or maid of honor. There are so many details to keep together, and you have to plan each aspect carefully. 

Above all else, you're responsible for giving the bride a night she'll never forget. 

Fear thee not, fair bridesmaid. Take a deep breath, sip some champagne, and read our guide to hosting your first Hen Party.

Work Out the Budget and a Cushion

Hen parties fall to pieces the moment that money becomes an issue. Planning carefully eliminates the problem before it rears its ugly head. 

Once you know what the bride wants and what's reasonable for everyone, you can put together an itinerary. From there, estimate the costs for each member of the bridal party. During this stage, you should also discreetly ask the other women what they can afford to contribute. That allows you to estimate a total from the beginning. 

Don’t forget to include a small cushion for extra goodies or unexpected circumstances.

Book the Venues Early

The bride has her heart set on mimosas at the most popular brunch spot in town, or maybe she dreams of being in the VIP section of her favorite nightclub. Whether you're just booking space at a bar or if you have to work on restaurant reservations and a pub crawl, reserve the space as soon as you know where you're going. 

While you're at it, ask about group rates and gratuities. Not only should you save where you can, but you want to make sure that you leave room to tip the people who help to keep the night running smoothly.

Order Gear for the Girls

You want everyone who sees you to know that you're in the middle of a hen party, right? The bride and her bridesmaids need gear that fits with the theme. For some bridal parties, that means tiaras all around to complement a princess persona. 

Need something a bit more chic and stylish? Announce your sisterhood and the celebration in matching Bride Tribe tanks with just the right amount of bling. For the bold bride who loves attention, sashes should do the trick.

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Reserve the Transportation

At any event or venue that serves alcohol, the bridal party needs a designated driver. You can factor in practical transportation during the financial part of your planning. 

Research party bus services and limos in the area that will fit your group comfortably. Most of them aren't outlandish, particularly when everyone pitches in for the cost. 

Just remember that you have to tip the driver whose job it is to get your group from place to place safely and soberly.

Splurge on Hen Night Gift Bags

The whole group should have souvenirs to remember the night, as well. Usually, the bridal party pools together to buy the bride a gift, while the bridesmaids receive goodie bags or unique gifts. Lots of brides enjoy being included in that tradition, too. 

You can put together a collection of treats, such as face masks, alcohol nips, or risqué party favors. Then again, you can also opt for a practical gift that everyone can use after the party, too. Personalized pint glasses or shot glasses are on-point for parties that involve a pub crawl.  

Plan for Games and Prizes

Icebreaker games at the beginning of the festivities will engage everyone so that you can all get to know each other better. It's also customary to play games that rely on everyone's history with the bride, as well as the history of her relationship with the groom. 

You can buy a drink for the winner of each game or collect little prizes to give out at the end of every round. It doesn't have to be expensive, but the gifts should be on theme. Consider risqué candy or cute items that memorialize the night.

Micromanage Just a Little

Embrace your tendencies to manage the event in terms of directing the flow of the night. You need to get from place to place in a timely fashion. At the very least, try to keep the group together, entertained, and happy.

Use your imagination and communicate with the bridal party at all points along the way. Do that, and you'll throw an excellent hen night for the bride. Your hen night will be the stuff of legends. Brides and bridesmaids will chase the thrill of it for years to come.

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