5 Dark Cocktails for Your Shadow Season Wedding

Calling all witchy, magical, weird, offbeat, cool couples planning an alternative wedding!

We're moving into shadow season, which means the days get shorter and the nights get longer. Halloween will be here before you know it (yes!) and we'll all slip into the warm glow of autumn afternoons and crisp, inky-skied evenings.

This got me thinking. There are loads of articles outlining recipes for wedding signature cocktails. Some are bright and fruity, some are spiced and warm, and they all look and sound amazing.

But what about the brides and grooms who want a signature cocktail that's a bit on the darker side? What if bright and fruity just won't cut it for your fall or winter wedding? Or even your summer wedding, for that matter?

Since we are moving into shadow season, I think it's the perfect time to present you with some dark cocktail options.

The Witch's Heart (by The Flavor Bender)

What does a witch's heart taste like? Apple brandy and blackberry liqueur, of course.

Get the recipe here.

Black Cherry Bourbon Cola Smash (by Supergolden Bakes) 

The name might sound like a video game character's tag line, but this sweet mix takes your cherry cola game to a whole new level.

Get the recipe here.

Black Magic (by Elle Talk) 

It's black and sparkly and tastes like lime (surprise!). So yeah, it's perfect.

Get the recipe here.

Witches Brew (by Sprinkles and Sprouts) 

What's brewing in your cauldron? A mix of lime juice, vodka, and raspberry liqueur.

Get the recipe here.

The Raven (by The Jewels of New York) 

With this dark signature cocktail, your midnight will be anything but dreary.

Get the recipe here.

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