5 Up-and-Coming Bridal Shower Trends

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This is a guest post by Ronnie Burg. 

Traditionally, bridal showers are held at the home of the host, who is typically the maid of honor. However, in recent years, more brides have opted for unconventional bridal showers.

Here are five of the latest up-and-coming bridal shower trends.

1. Couples' Wedding Showers

Traditionally, bridal showers have been exclusively female affairs. The maid of honor typically organizes the event and invites the bridesmaids, the bride's close female friends and close female relatives of the bride and her future husband, as well as the guest of honor: the bride, herself.

However, many modern brides are choosing to break with tradition and opt for coed wedding showers. Sometimes referred to as "Jack and Jill" showers, these events are held in honor of both the bride and the groom.

Some brides-to-be want their wedding showers to be all about them, and there's certainly nothing wrong with that. The bride-to-be deserves a day in the spotlight if that's what she wants.

Yet, some soon-to-be brides would rather include their future husbands in the celebration. As always, the maid of honor should respect the bride's wishes when planning the bridal shower. Make sure both the bride and groom are comfortable with a co-ed shower.

2. Community Service Bridal Showers

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A community service bridal shower is a generous way for the bride and her guests to celebrate by giving back.

In lieu of gifts, guests might contribute donations to a charity or cause that has special meaning to the bride. For instance, if the bride is an animal lover, guests might bring donations for the local animal shelter.

Guests can volunteer together by building a house with Habitat for Humanity, holding a charity car wash or participating in a walk, run or bike ride to raise money for a cause.

3. Destination Bridal Showers

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A destination bridal shower ensures that the setting of the event is as unique and memorable as the bride herself.


A vineyard or winery is a picturesque setting for a wedding, rehearsal dinner or bridal shower. Many vineyards offer private indoor and outdoor venue spaces for charming, intimate gatherings. A vineyard is also the perfect location for an event with a rustic, country theme.

Why host a boring, forgettable luncheon when you could instead treat yourself and your guests to an exquisite variety of food and wine pairings with minimal effort on your part?

Need a more affordable option? If a wine tasting at a vineyard or winery is out of your price range, you can host your own wine-and-cheese party at home or at a local park.

If good food, good friends and good wine sounds like your idea of a perfect day, a vineyard bridal shower might be the ideal choice for your special celebration.


If you're more of a beer lover than a wine connoisseur, a brewery might be the perfect location to celebrate your upcoming wedding with your loved ones.

A craft beer tasting is a fun, casual, and unique option for a shower. A brewery is also a great choice for those planning coed "Jack and Jill" showers.

Spa Day

Her Royal Highness Meghan (Markle) celebrated her bridal shower by enjoying a spa day with some of her closest friends. The venue, Soho Farmhouse in the heart of the English countryside, provided a luxurious retreat for "Princess Meghan" and her guests.

You don't need to be a princess to indulge in a day of pampering and relaxation. Commemorate your bridal shower by treating yourself and your bridesmaids to a day at the spa.

Specific amenities vary by location, but many spas feature manicures and pedicures, soothing massages, rejuvenating facials, revitalizing skin treatments, glamorous makeup sessions, calming aromatherapy, plush robes, and a peaceful, comfortable setting to relax and unwind. What’s not to love about that?

Beach Day

A beach-themed bridal shower invitation is the perfect way to invite guests to join you for a day of fun in the sun. Celebrate your upcoming wedding by getting your friends together for a day at the beach.

A bridal shower at the beach is especially fitting if you're planning a beach wedding for the big day. Party in style with a fun, tropical theme. Nautical décor and seaside-inspired treats add to the ambiance and help you and your guests feel as though you've been transported to an island getaway.

A beachy theme evokes a carefree summer spirit at any time of the year. Even if you don't live near the ocean, you can still create a seaside vibe. A poolside or lakeside gathering also lends to the nautical theme.

If you'd like a more formal affair, you can plan an elegant brunch or luncheon at a marina overlooking the water. If a casual event is more your style, set a date for you and your friends to pack up your swimsuits and head to the local beach or pool.

Art Gallery or Museum

A destination bridal shower at an art gallery or museum is perfect for a cultured, sophisticated bride. An art gallery or museum is an elegant, memorable setting that's sure to please a bride who loves the arts.

4. Themed Bridal Showers 

A bridal shower theme can be tailored to suit any bride and any wedding.


If the bride-to-be has a flair for boho-chic style, then a laid back gathering with a bohemian vibe will make her day. Plan a low-key picnic in your backyard or at a local park. Bring along plenty of richly patterned tapestries, pillows and quilts to create a cozy, imaginative atmosphere.

In keeping with the whimsical, boho theme, guests should wear flowy or lacy fabrics, vibrant floral patterns and fanciful flower crowns. Everyone will feel like a free-spirited, fairytale princess for the day.

Tea Party

An afternoon tea party is a dream come true for the bride who adores feminine, vintage style. A tea party bridal shower is unique without being too over the top. This theme is ideal for the bride who wants a traditional wedding shower that stands out from the rest.

Delight your guests with a tea party bridal shower invitation. Then create an elegant, whimsical atmosphere by decorating with soft, pastel hues.

Set out dainty tea sets and delicate handkerchiefs for napkins. Old-fashioned, fine china adds an air of timeless sophistication to the event.

5. Activity Bridal Showers

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Most bridal showers follow a predictable routine: Guests meet (somewhat awkwardly) for food and beverages, watch the bride open her gifts, play a few cliché bridal shower games, then go home with a stereotypical party favor they'll probably never use.

Though some brides are perfectly content with the traditional format, others want those planning their bridal showers to think outside the box. For this reason, bridal showers centered around a specific activity are becoming increasingly popular.

Cooking Class

A cooking class provides a fun activity for the bride and her guests. If the bride-to-be loves to cook (and eat!), then a cooking class bridal shower will delight not only her but everyone in attendance.

Painting Party

For the creative bride, a painting party is a fun way to engage with guests and create a memorable keepsake in the process. Some businesses, such as Wine & Design, even offer private party options, so the bride can celebrate with just her family and friends while doing an activity everyone can enjoy.

Painting, jewelry-making, flower-arranging or sculpting are unconventional options for a one-of-a-kind bridal shower.

Group Hike

A group hike is a fun option for a bride who loves exercise and the great outdoors. There's no need to keep guests cooped up in a stuffy living room; get out and about and enjoy an invigorating walk in the natural beauty of your local park.

As a bonus, many parks offer free or reasonably priced admission, making this an affordable option for the bride on a budget.

Yoga Retreat

A yoga retreat is a great way to celebrate the yoga-loving bride-to-be. Additionally, a yoga retreat bridal shower perfectly complements the boho-chic theme.

At times, planning a wedding can be stressful for even the most level-headed brides and bridesmaids. A rejuvenating yoga retreat can help everyone feel refreshed and ready for the big day.

Final Thoughts

Every bride is unique, and every bride deserves a bridal shower that suits her individual style and personality. Unconventional bridal showers that are uniquely tailored to the bride are becoming increasingly popular. These nontraditional, up-and-coming bridal shower trends can help every bride-to-be enjoy the memorable wedding shower of her dreams.

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