Skinny Ties That Guarantee Compliments

This is a sponsored post by Corbata.

Most wedding sites, including this one, talk A LOT about all things bridal: dresses and makeup and shoes and wedding planning...yes, even wedding planning is geared towards the ladies. But what about all the grooms-to-be? They have needs too!

So let's take a hot minute to shine a spotlight on the gents. And more specifically, what many grooms and their groomsmen are looking for - ties.

But not just any ties. Not the boring ones that they tie on for a few hours, then stick in the back of their closets to gather dust and spiderwebs. 

I'm talking quality ties that don't break the bank. Fun, unique ties that instill confidence in the wearer. Ties that guarantee compliments. 

"But where can I find these magical ties?" you might be asking. 

Meet Corbata, the San Francisco based company that offers handmade, high quality skinny ties that everyone can afford, and that will last for years. And folks, these ties won't collect spiderwebs or be sent off to the second-hand store. You'll actually want to wear these ties again because a) they're seriously chic (I'm pretty sure James Bond would agree), and b) they're handcrafted wool and cotton. So basically, anyone who wears these will feel like a million bucks.

Corbata's mission is to spread confidence to the world.

"We know that real confidence goes much deeper than appearances. But the right tie can help you look good, feel good and stand out from the crowd. So we started with ties, because a nice tie is the finishing touch. It's the first thing people notice and is a statement piece about who you are."
And here's the best part - Corbata offers a "Compliment Guarantee." They are so certain you'll get at least one compliment the first time you wear your Corbata tie, that if you don't, they'll foot the bill and you'll get your next tie for free (just pay shipping)! Pick your favorite tie and test it out for yourself. It's a win-win for you - either you get complimented on your new tie or you get to try a different style on the house.

Right now you can save up to 30% on wedding ties when you purchase three or more, so all the gentlemen in the wedding can have stylish ties at an affordable price. 

Like what you've seen here? Head on over to Corbata (or drop in if you're in San Francisco) and see all the styles they offer. You'll be glad you did.

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