5 Picture Perfect Ways to Decorate a Bridal Shower

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A bridal shower should be one of the happiest days leading up to the best day of your life, so having picture-perfect decor to commemorate the space is key. Whether you decide to host the event in your own home, or utilize a rented event space to host your loved ones, you’ll likely be at the helm of the design and decorating duties (or at least communicating what you want) for the special occasion.
When we think of a bridal shower, many familiar things come to mind, like early morning bubbly and brunch, a mixture of feminine pastels and florals, and the right decor to match. While many of these ideas are familiar, that doesn’t mean that they’re tired. In fact, many of these bridal decor staples can be elevated and made new without losing their original appeal, as well as be somewhat adaptable to your own personal style.

Balance feminine shades with neutrals.

We suggest working with a feminine color palette that also includes neutrals, so while you’ll want to keep your pinks and pastels in the mix, you should also add in some shades like gold, silver, grey, taupe, or a bright white to balance them out. 

While we love to get carried away with the most Pinterest-worthy ideas, it’s important to stay somewhat neutral and determine what’s just a passing fad if you’re concerned about having photos that will appear timely or dated in a few years. 

 For elements that can seem a bit gaudy if not done properly (see: balloons, flower arrangements, etc.), look to simple whites to bring an air of elegance to them, as well as allow them to remain timeless and classic.

Minimalism is in.

On that same note, don’t feel pressured to incorporate an abundance of flowery shades, ornate bouquets, or larger than life decor if that’s simply not your style. Minimalism is proving to be a staying trend, so paring down your decor and color palette to the basics and only including a few shades that you really enjoy can be just as trendy as any other bridal shower.

Minimalism in your color palette, decor, and decorations will also give the space a much cleaner look without losing the fresh or vibrant feeling you want the event to have. Include some sparse pops of color that are more interesting to you; even if they’re darker or more outside of the box, they’ll be offset by the clean whites and careful edit of the rest of the space. When adding decor, look for simple and pared down elements that feature clean lines for things like centerpieces and nameplates.


While every bridal shower surely has its fair share of flowers, consider making greenery the main focus instead of blossoming buds. It provides a more contemporary feel, with plants like monstera leaves or succulents bringing elegance, style, and simplicity with ease. It’s also a viable option for those that aren’t in love with the overly floral look.

Include greenery in table centerpieces and as decorative accents in gift areas instead of the expected floral arrangements. Furthermore, if you are planning on including photo op areas at your bridal shower, you might want to think about decorating the backdrop with a living wall to breathe life into the photos.

Photobooths and other staged photo areas are becoming increasingly popular at bridal showers, and as they are geared towards social media, you’ll want yours to be as trendy as anything else you’d see on Instagram.


Consistency is important in good design, and that fact doesn’t lose its significance for a one day event. Make sure that any detailed elements you include stay consistent throughout the space. For example, if you hire a hand lettering artist to write signage or nameplates, ensure that they have provided all the collateral for everything that has a handwritten element.

Inconsistent details can make the overall appearance look a bit sloppy. Furthermore, if you intend to use a unifying theme throughout all wedding events (engagement party, bridal shower, bachelorette party, wedding, etc.) you’ll want to either reuse important pieces or ensure that everything is in line with the original vision.

 Design and activities also go hand in hand, so when playing games or hosting activities, be sure that there is a consistent color scheme or aesthetic threading the elements together. An eye for detail is an often-overlooked strength in interior design, and you’ll surely notice that your bridal shower looks worlds better when all decor is consistent with the intention of the design.

Avoid the trite. 

You’ll want to avoid some of the more overplayed elements that you’ve seen all across Pinterest and other forms of social media. Chances are, they’ve lost their appeal, and no one is surprised or impressed by seeing them anymore. We’re talking about items like mason jars as vases or candle holders, signs with quippy sayings, or bedazzled ‘Bride Squad’ gear.

There are certainly ways to use these elements in a more elegant way, but when you go for the low-hanging fruit, the look of the event leaves much to be desired, and appears boring and overdone.

Also avoid using fake flowers. This is perhaps D├ęcor aid's interior designers’ biggest pet peeve, as it is very evident when flowers are made of plastic, especially when you can see the fraying or molded edges. You’ll be glad you invested in the real thing, and you can always take them home for display as a memento from the event.

This is a sponsored post by Decor Aid, an interior design firm based in NYC.

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