6 U.S. Honeymoon Getaways for Nature Lovers

The vows have been exchanged, the cake has been served and the guests have danced the night away. Now it’s time to get away and celebrate your love together as newlyweds.

When planning the honeymoon, there can be a lot of pressure to pick the most beautiful, exotic destination, but there are dozens of amazing places to explore right here in the U.S. If you and your spouse are the adventurous type, you can focus your honeymoon around hiking the breathtaking summits of the Grand Tetons or visiting Dewees Island, South Carolina, for a scenic kayaking trip through the barrier island’s marshland.

Sure, jetting off to Europe sounds great, but staying within the country means you can get to your destination quicker, more easily and spend extra time to celebrate with your special someone. Here are some of our favorite nature-centric honeymoon destinations in the country. 

Dewees Island, South Carolina

Located within 20 minutes of downtown Charleston, S.C., Dewees Island is a barrier Island off Isle of Palms Beach. It can only be accessed by boat, so you do need to catch a ride on the ferry (or ride in on your own boat if you live close by and are looking to make a grand entrance). Once you arrive on Dewees Island, you’ll discover golf carts designated for each property on the island. Simply hop in your ride and head to your rental, which you’ll find unlocked and ready for you. 

Visiting Dewees Island is the perfect way to spend your honeymoon because you have the option to unwind in your private rental or explore the many activities on the island like kayaking, crabbing and swimming. On this uber-exclusive island, you’ll find every kind of property rental from treehouse-like cabins to oceanfront villas. During your stay, you can plan to hitch a ride on the ferry back to the mainland and spend time visiting Charleston, S.C., a charming southern town named Best City in the U.S. by Conde Nast Traveler for eight consecutive years

Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming

Coastal getaways are great for relaxing and embracing marine wildlife, but exploring the mountainous regions of the Northwest can be exhilarating for newlyweds looking to get really active. Part of the Rocky Mountain Range, the Grand Tetons are arguably some of the most beautiful natural formations in the entire country. 

The sharp, jagged peaks of the range seem like a green-screened movie backdrop until you’ve spent several hours climbing up to the summit. For newlyweds that love hiking, a trip to this area of the country will give you a new appreciation for the beauty of our country and allow for plenty of quality time together exploring a grand new landscape.

Big Sur, California

If you’re dreaming of a week spent on the shore, consider checking out the west coast and witnessing the cerulean blue of the Pacific Ocean. For avid hikers and campers alike, Big Sur is usually at the top of the bucket list. Why not spend your first week as newlyweds exploring this monumental stretch of the California coast. 

If you’re planning to travel to Big Sur, the closest airport is 30 miles away in Monterey. Of course, you can take a taxi or Uber to your destination, but you might want to consider renting a car and driving along some of the famous Highway 1. In Big Sur, there are dozens of options for camping and hiking, but you can also travel just a few hours in either direction to experience even more of what California has to offer. If you are interested in camping for a few nights, be sure to book your spot well in advance as the official campsite in Big Sur fills up months in advance.

Seabrook Island, South Carolina

Few landscapes are more romantic than the serene marshes that surround the barrier islands of South Carolina. Seabrook Island is a secluded area just outside of Charleston surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and Edisto River, giving visitors a chance to explore both the freshwater and saltwater bodies of the region.

Honeymooning on Seabrook allows newlyweds a chance to escape the commotion of everyday life and relax in private cottages, homes or condos. For wildlife enthusiasts, there are plenty of opportunities to observe the island’s native species, including red fox, otters, white tail deer and dozens of reptiles. Spend your honeymoon lounging on the shore to the sound of crashing waves or embark on a horseback riding excursion along the beach. While you’re in the area, be sure to plan on visiting Charleston, S.C., for a taste of southern history. 

Lake Tahoe, California and Nevada

The shores of Lake Tahoe stretch across the borders of California and Nevada, covering more than 190 square miles. Though every part of the lake promises gorgeous scenery and a laid-back atmosphere, Secret Cove beach (located on the Nevada side) is one of the best places to visit on your honeymoon. Here, the water resembles the clear, bright blue of the Caribbean and the shore is surrounded by majestic views of the mountains in the distance.

If you prefer to travel to the California side of the lake, there is a nearly endless list of places you can visit. On the southern end of the lake, you’ll discover Emerald Bay State Park, another highly cherished area. Venture through the crystal clear waters on a kayak or paddle board before exploring the many nearby hiking trails. You can opt to stay in a cozy, romantic cabin or let your adventurous side shine through and camp near the lake. 

Zion National Park, Utah

Southern Utah is a hidden gem of a region with one of the most unique landscapes in the entire country. If you’ve never witnessed the desert up-close, spending some time in this area will open your eyes to a completely new world. Located on the southwestern side of the state, Zion National Park gives off the impression that you’ve stepped back in time to the Jurassic era with towering sand formations and unique desert vegetation everywhere you look. Cabins and campgrounds are available in and around the park to keep you close to the best attractions. 

From visiting Dewees Island, S.C., to exploring the trails of Zion National Park, the U.S. is abound with places for the perfect honeymoon. Start packing your bags and get ready for the trip of a lifetime to celebrate your big day. 

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